Visual Experiences Shared:Paintings by Carol Griffin & Maureen Persons



Join Macon Arts Alliance for an Opening Reception on April 6 from 5-8 PM to celebrate two artists for a juried exhibit and sale of natural themed arts. Light refreshments will be served. The exhibit will be on display through April 27.


Maureen Persons Artist Statement

Life as an artist is amazing and for me diverse. I think of the toddler learning to walk and soon to run and then to ride a bike. The baby cautiously steps forward to the beckoning yet retreating parent. The goal, the finish line awaits, almost there! Art for me feels just like this! I study, paint, create,and just about the time I think that I am having a ” ta da” moment it is time to kick up the game level. There is much to learn and often I am lured down an unexpected path.

Currently I am working to paint more rapidly and in a more direct and fresh decisive “alla prima” fashion. It is challenging with live models and particularly difficult outdoors with the elements and rapidly changing light. I love the outdoors, but I am not a real camper type! These outdoor paintings called “plein air” are a great resource for studio paintings. These studies are small and direct and finished on sight. I generally like to have time to refine and study a work, not to mention I really enjoy a big canvas! The direct outdoor painting and the alla prima painting I am currently doing with live models is exciting and enriching to my studio work. Just as the curious, determined child reaches for the next challenge, I am always chasing the next quiver in my art experience pack.


Carol Griffin Artist Statement


One of the greatest things about being an artist is learning something new every day. Painting for me is an exciting process of trying to convey a part of myself and what I have taken from my surroundings. I love working with color, trying to control it, but at the same time giving it the freedom of bringing everything together in a painting. The most fun is to start a painting and get totally lost in it! It’s the greatest! I’m thankful for this creative vein that runs through me and connects me with artists all over the world and most of all connects me with the greatest Creator of all.
I always want to improve in my work. That is the biggest motivator of all.
I have been fortunate to take classes from Libby Tolley, Kevin Macpherson, Kim English, Dee Beard Dean, Larry Moore.and Perry Austin. I have also been in workshops with Robert Johnson and Dan Gerhertz.
I have a small studio in the woods behind my house. It is my place to commune with the outdoors, reflect and to get into the creative part of my personality. Painting requires lots of work. I am so thankful for a husband who supports my endeavors in the art world.

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