call for sculpture: remembrance garden

Project Chimps is accepting proposals for a new outdoor sculpture that will honor chimpanzees who were used in medical research at our Remembrance Garden – a cemetery for chimps who have passed away at sanctuary. 

The request is for a large-scale, three-dimensional work that is able to command the space and make a bold “welcome” statement to guests visiting the garden in order to pay their respects to the chimps who have passed away. Artists must provide detailed information about their design, including artist statement, sketches, fabrication information, materials description, dimensions, weight, etc. of the proposed work. Works must be safe for public display and constructed to withstand the extremes of the environment.  

The sculpture should achieve these goals:  

  • Honor the Chimpanzees: Reflect their individuality and contributions 
  • Symbolize Peace: Convey a sense of tranquility and respect
  • Inspire Reflection: Encourage visitors to think about our relationship with animals 
  • Celebrate Life: Represent the joy and freedom the chimps experienced at the sanctuary
  • Harmonize with Nature: Blend with the natural surroundings of the garden       

This program is supported by a private donation in memory of a friend of the sanctuary, Mr. Ted Waters. 

About Project Chimps

Project Chimps is a non-profit sanctuary in the north Georgia Mountains just outside of Blue Ridge. The organization provides a forever home to chimpanzees formerly used in medical research, who are now retired and living the good life in sanctuary. 

The Remembrance Garden

The Remembrance Garden can be found on the sanctuary’s hiking trails, accessible by visitors dawn to dusk. The sculpture will be the first thing visitors see once they enter the garden from the upper access point. As such, it sets the tone for a visit to the garden where the ashes and memorial plaques of chimps who have passed away are memorialized. The entrance needs a large and powerful piece that will serve as a memorable “welcome” to this special place. 

Construction materials will understandably vary depending on the proposed work, but all works must demonstrate structural soundness, safety and stability for an unsupervised general audience; all works must be original works of art created by the artist or fabricated under their direct supervision. 

Artists are encouraged to peruse our website and social media for images of chimpanzees as inspiration; visits to the garden are strongly encouraged. 

Important Information

SIZE: the height of the sculpture is unlimited. The usable footprint should be within a 5’ square space. We will work with the artist to determine what foundation (concrete, rebar, gravel, etc.) is necessary to accommodate your work. 
BUDGET: the selected artists will receive up to $5,000 in reimbursements for materials and travel-related expenses to create and install the final piece. On-site lodging at the sanctuary will be provided for free. 
SALE OF ARTWORK: the original or first cast of the sculpture will remain the property of Project Chimps indefinitely. However, the artist will maintain rights to the design for duplication and/or additional castings and can sell them for their own profit provided there is acknowledgment about the affiliation with Project Chimps. 

Submission Information 

  • All submissions are due by midnight ET on August 2, 2024. 
  • Judging will take place with a 3-panel committee. 
  • Artists will be notified by September 1, 2024  if their submission has been selected or not. 
  • The final sculpture must be installed no later than July 13, 2025. (July 14th is World Chimpanzee Day!) 

Please email your complete packet to
Subject line: Sculpture Submission
Include in your email:

  • Artist Name
  • Contact Details 
  • Website to portfolio (or link to sample of work) 
  • Why are you interested in this project? 
  • You may submit two works for consideration. For each provide: 
    • Title 
    • Artist statement 
    • Materials 
    • Attach or provide link to sketch(s), include scale 
    • Describe creation timeline 
    • Describe installation needs 
    • Maintenance requirements 

More Info: