Macon Arts Advocacy Lunch

Join Macon Arts Alliance and the Macon Arts Roundtable for a luncheon at the Mill Hill Community Arts Center celebrating National Arts and Humanities Month featuring keynote speaker and performer Linqua Franqa from Athens, GA. The lunch is sponsored by the Griffith Foundation, celebrating 25 years of service.

About Linqua Franqa

A rapper who brings social consciousness and a Master’s degree in linguistics to her music, Linqua Franqa is the alias of Mariah Parker. Based in Athens, Georgia, she issued a playful, syllable-dense self-titled EP in early 2017 that featured production touches like archival spoken word samples and breakbeats. Parker wrote and recorded her debut album while completing her graduate studies at the University of Georgia. Titled Model Minority, it was released by Athens indie label Happy Happy Birthday to Me in early 2018.

Introduction Video Excerpt from GPB by Grant Blankenship.

“Mariah Parker says calls herself a linguist by day and a lunatic lady rapper by night. The latter is her Linqua Franqa persona, a woman who holds down the top seat in Athens, Georgia’s hip hop scene. Recently she added to her resume by becoming getting elected to the Athens-Clark County Commission, something she sees as an utterly natural extension of her music.”

$15 Admission. Click link below for tickets: