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Macon Arts Alliance recognizes and appreciates all those who contributed to support our mission to foster and support the arts in Central Georgia.

Government Support
Macon-Bibb County
National Endowment for the Arts

The Elam Alexander Trust
Griffith Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Jackson Automotive
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Eleanor A. Lane

Burgess Pigment Company
Community Foundation of Central Georgia
Cox Communications
Ocmulgee National Park & Preserve Initiative, Inc.
Vein Specialists of the South & Spa Medical

Macon-Bibb Convention & Visitors Bureau
McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews
Morris Bank
Denise and Joseph Saturna
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Smyth
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Williford

Debra and Mark Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Beeland
Sue and Ron Bloodworth
Dr. and Mrs. Waldo Floyd
Georgia Power Company
Marie and Lindsay Holliday
Michael Hostilo
MaconPower, Inc.
Medical Center of Central Georgia
Christopher Howard and Carey Pickard
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson
Rutland Family Healthcare, LLC
Sherry and Bill Tift
Tredway Shurling Foundation
Warren Associates, Inc.

Ms. Lauren Benedict
Mrs. Patricia Brewer
Lindsey and Travis Clark
Dr. Brenda Cooper and Dr. Arthur McCain
Mr. Virgil Cooper
CDO Technologies
CJB Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Cornett
Dr. and Mrs. Edsel Davis
Day & Ennis, LLC
Ms. Holly Ertel
Myrtle S. Habersham
Suzanne and Buzz Harper
Georgia and Bob Hatcher
Bonnie and Bob Hearn
Sally and Bob Hershner
Ms. Sara Beth Jackson Hertwig
Wendy and Emory Johnson
Cheryl and Donald Jones, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Kalish
Lawson Kelly
Mrs. Betty Sweet Ladson
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Long
Helen Meadors and Craig Burkhalter
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Morton
Pat Muse
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Poss
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Purcel
Mr. Stephen A. Reichert
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ross
Scana Energy
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Schnell
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sheridan
Anna and Grady Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Strouss
SunTrust Bank of Middle Georgia
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Talbot
Shelley and Andrew Tice
Carol and Jerry Tift
Mr. and Mrs. William Underwood
Kay Veal
Sharon and Johnny Walker
Jane and John Willingham
Zaxby’s of Middle Georgia

Julie Adams
Brian P. Adams, LLC
Kelvin Akles
Ms. Nancy Barnes
Maria and Keith Bartlett
Bert Maxwell Furniture Company
Barbara and Wesley Boyer
Cherry and Doug Brewer
Janice Brice
Burt & Burt, LLC
Butler Automotive Group
Kim Casebeer
Dr. Edward Clark
Cortes Jewelers, Inc.
Creations Fantastic
Mr. and Mrs. Spyros Dermatas
Brenda and Zack Dozier
Cathy and Tom Driver
Shannon Fickling
William A. Fickling, Jr
Betsy and Keith Fitzgerald
Steven Fulbright
Kay Gerhardt
Mr. Byron Grant
Greene & Associates, Inc.
Margaret and Tommy Halliburton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hargrove
Jackie and Ken Harper
Tess Harper
Carol and Jack Head
Dana Lambeth Heard
Mr. Milton Heard, IV
Mr. C. Terry Holland and Mr. Jeff Logan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hope
Travis Jean, LLC
Tori DeGraw Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Kaplan
Sheila Keene
Janet and Gene Kelly
Mr. Henry Koplin
L.E. Schwartz & Son, Inc.
Lise Kaplan LLC
Ms. Michelle Lisenby
Susan A. Long and Jim Bodell
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Macfie
Macon Civic Club
David Mann
Flo and Tommy Martin
Katherine McLeod and Pope Langstaff
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Middlebrooks
Eleta and Alex Morrison
Kay and Homer Nelson
Northwestern Mutual
Beverly K. Olson
Marguerite and Tim Parker
Sharon Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. John and Tamara Patterson
Ms. Eden Persons Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Thom Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Plowden, Jr.
David A. Portwood
Marilee and Mickey Rivers
Josh Rogers
Savannah College of Art and Design
Sell & Melton, L.L.P.
Simmons Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Simmons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Suthern Sims
Kelly and Charles Smaha
Claire and Boone Smith
Lori and Charlie Snow
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Solomon
Dr. and Mrs. John Spiegel
Dr. Loren Stahl
Starr Electric Company, Inc.
Barbara Stickel
Harriet and Brad Swann
Leolene and Ben Tate
Nancy Terrill and Camp Bacon
Wimberly and Marc Treadwell
Stewart C. Vernon
Mr. Tom Wight
Diana and Michael Williams
Dr. Catherine Wooddy
Bridget and Michael Wright
Youmans Chevrolet Company

Beverly and Billy Adams
Mr. Virgil Adams
William Avenel
Jenia and Thomas Bacote
Julia and Cecil Baldwin
Patricia and Thomas L. Bass
Dr. and Mrs. William Baxley, Jr.
Lynn and David Bell
Mr. and Mrs. John Bickley
Mr. Jack L. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Cass
Suzanne and John D. Cassidy
Emilia and Frank Childs
Ms. Tracy Coyle
Eloise and Billy Dasher
Diana and John Day
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dickey III
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Trina Dobson
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cox Dunwody
Dunwody/Beeland Architects, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Durkee
Wanda Eanes and Laurence W. Fennelly
Sarah Evans
Mary Anne and Frank Gaudry
Mary and Richard George
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Greenwald, Jr.
Drs. Joan and Warren Griffin
Mary Ellen Grossnickle
Ann and Ken Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Harden
Elizabeth and Phil Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holleman
Camille Hope and Jim Marshall
Katherine and Rick Hutto
Stacy Ingram
Dr. and Mrs. N. Tyrus Ivey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jenkins
Lyn and Rick Johnson
Judy Hodgens Interiors
Mrs. Del Ward Leslie
Catharine and Brother Liles
Elizabeth and David McCain
Sally and Albert McKay
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. McKelvey
Dr. Glenna and Mr. J. Patrick Meyer, Jr.
Suzanne Minarcine
Bonnie Montgomery
Neurology Associates
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Noller
Robin North
Lauren and Scott O’Quinn
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Phelps
Carol and Mickey Pope
Starr, David, and Tamara Purdue
Leila and Tim Regan-Porter
Alacia and Don Rhame
Mrs. Fabia T. Rogers
Barbara and James Rowan III
Cheri and Frank Shurling
Gloria and Norman Smith
Pam and Bob Smith
Helen and Steve Stewart
Hilda and Coleman Tidwell
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Tonn
Beverly and David Veal
Betty and Jim Wilcox
Gloria McAfee Wynn

Margaret Anne Anderson
Ms. Ravonda Bargeron
Sandra Barrow
Carolyn Barry
Mr. Phillip Bean
O. Winchester Blanks
Georgann Blum
Sue Bond
Dianne Brannen
Veronica Brooks
Ms. Linda Browne
Mrs. Seaborn Buchanan
Ms. Pat Burns
Ms. Tricia Burttram
Mr. James Caldwell
Carley Carden
Ms. Glenda Coleman
Harriet Comer
Ms. Rita Danese
Mrs. John Dennis
Ms. Marianne Dunn
Susan Dunn
Thomas C. Ellington
Deborah L. Ellis
Baxter Evans
Lynn Farmer
Ms. Melise Fathi
Theresa and Jim Ferrari
Ms. Rheetah Flanagan
Mr. Ken Folmar
Lori Dreizin Garrett
Chenza Geiser
Bonny D. Gibson
Mrs. Kay Greer
Katharine Hall
Elaine Hardison
Mr. Travis Hart
Ms. Suni Heaton
Thomas Herman
Cordelia D. Holliday
Mrs. Ann Hughes
Ms. Margie Hughes
Jennifer Eller Jackson
Mr. Roger Jamison
Aaron Johnson
Lee A. Johnson
Ms. Sheila Kelly Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Roby Kerr
Teresa Kriebel
Judith Lamb
Ms. Camille Caskin Lasseter
Andy Lawson
Diane Lewis
Ms. Elaine Libbey
Mr. Blake E. Lisenby
Dr. Stephen D. Mallary
Ms. Mary Marbut
Ms. Molly Martin
Kate Matthews
Ms. Kathryn McCannon
Susan T. McDuffie
Ms. Gena McWilliams
Leslie Miller
Lisa Moore
Mr. Fred Morris
Kimela Olensky
Mrs. Lee P. Oliver
Margaret F. Patterson
Mrs. Betty J. Phillips
Carol Dodd Porter
Ms. Bren Powell
Robert L. Raines
Mr. Edwin K. Rainey
Donna Rait
Ms. Gloria Ragland
Ms. Juanita Tanner Rapport
Ms. Joy Raynor
Ms. Lee Reeves
Mr. David Richardson
Margaret Rodeheaver
Ms. Suzanne MacCrone Rogers
Mr. Glenn A. Rosen
Creighton Rosental
Yukiko and Louis Ryan
Ms. Jane Salter
Mr. Carl Schuchmann
Ms. Trudie Sessions
Mrs. Eugenia Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Daly Smith
Ms. Teresa Smith
Bonnie Starr
Daves Steed
Ms. Monica Stevens-Kirby
James I. Suit
Betty Taylor
Mr. Mark Thompson
Starling Thornsberry
Timothy Marcus Thurmond
Ms. Martha Tisdale
Ms. Blair Train
Ms. Nancy White
Ms. Noreen White
Catherine Wood

Terence J. Cantwell
Ms. Linda Embry
Ms. Valerie Garrett
Jennifer Howard
Ms. Harriet Jardine
Paula and Howard Knight
Chris Tsavatewa

Heather Bowman Cutway
Brooks Dantzler
Ms. Suzanne Doonan
Jonathan Dye
Stacey Harwell
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Morton
Mrs. Heatherly Wakefield
Zachary Zion

Tommie Boyter
By Jeanette Hood Sunday School Class
By Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. May

James Caldwell
By Neurology Associates
Claire Smith, Nancy Shurling, Ken Hammond, Janice Brice
By the Community Foundation of Central Georgia

Big Hair Productions
Bright Ideas Group
Cumulus Macon
Cox Communications
Clear Channel
Eatonton Messenger
Fox24/ABC16 WGXA Television
Imedia, Inc.
Macon Magazine
The Telegraph
Third Wave Digital
The 11th Hour

Membership dues and event sponsorship amounts are combined to recognize all those who contributed. Contact Macon Arts Alliance at (478) 743-6940 for more information.