Monuments for Heroes Who Have None by Charvis Z. Harrell

Featured Artist: Charvis Z. Harrell
Exhibition title: Monuments for Heroes Which Have None.
Dates: November 28- December 28
Opening Reception: Friday, November 30, from 3-8pm. Light refreshments will be served.
Gallery Hours: Thursdays 3-8pm. Additional hours are welcome by appointment. Call 478-955-8914 to arrange an alternative time visit the gallery.

Artist Statement for Show:
It is important that we give children Heroes that given them a sense of belonging and an idea of the unimaginable price paid by the people called extreme, for asking for equality. The monuments to these Heroes are placed in the hearts of anyone willing to learn the story of these courageous people, that sacrificed everything to make the world a better place.

Artist Bioraphy:
To understand the artwork of Charvis Harrell, one must understand the driving force behind his art and life. A third generation mason, he had only enough time for art as a hobby until June of 2004. That summer, at twenty-eight, Harrell was diagnosis with sarcoidosis, a disease that produces polyps within various organs in the body. This diagnosis put him on very light duty in his occupation, but, more importantly, it gave him a newfound appreciation for living. His desire to make the most of his time by paying tribute to the people and things that impact his life impacts his work. Through art, Harrell shines light upon the unsightly realities that we live. Refusing to revolt, he continues his journey to examine the darkness.