Music Economic Impact, Strategy, & Recovery Plan

The Macon Arts Alliance and Sound Diplomacy have partnered to develop a strategy that aims to support Macon’s music ecosystem as it recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and we imagine the future of Macon as a Music City. Learn how you can participate below!

Take the Survey!

Calling all musicians, music fans, music industry workers, music nonprofits, and music businesses! We need your input in our survey. Your honest responses – what’s working, where you may be facing challenges, what we can do better – will help ensure the report and our work is best aligned with the current needs of our music community.


Sound Diplomacy is the leading global consultancy advising cities, governments, tourism boards and large organisations on music and night time economy policy. Their work has helped define the ‘music cities movement’ and been delivered in over 20 countries and 50 cities around the world.


Asset Mapping: Using data from the local delegation and our own research in our mapping template, we will provide a mapping database of the sector agents by category and a geolocation analysis to inform the economic impact assessment and other deliverables.
Stakeholder Engagement: We will conduct roundtables and interviews and a survey to assess the current state of the music ecosystem in order to identify opportunities and minimize threats
Survey: We will conduct an online survey to assess the current state of the music ecosystem that will identify opportunities for growth and gaps in the ecosystem.
Key FIndings: We will deliver a concise, executive summary of key findings to inform next steps for Macon to take forward.