Macon Arts Alliance Strategic Plan

Macon Arts Alliance 2025 Strategic Plan

Macon Arts Alliance offers sincere thanks to the board, staff, volunteers, external stakeholders,
and community members who participated in the creation of this 5-year strategic plan approved July 2020

Partner Plans

Macon Bibb Cultural Master Plan

The vision of the 2020 Macon Cultural Plan is that Macon’s ethnic, cultural and creative diversity can be used to ensure unity, equity and economic prosperity for all. The plan focuses on 5 strategic priorities: Tourism, Education, Creative Industries, Neighborhood Development, and Audience Cultivation.

The Macon Action Plan

The Macon Action Plan is a comprehensive plan that envisions the future for Downtown and intown neighborhoods and guides change moving forward. It is a partnership between the Urban Development Authority, Macon-Bibb County, and other stakeholders.

OneMacon Master Plan

OneMacon is an organized Community Coalition supporting a comprehensive five-year strategic plan that focuses on achieving greater economic revitalization, creating an efficient talent and education system, and strengthening quality of life in Macon-Bibb County.

Macon-Bibb Transition Team Report

Macon-Bibb Forward Mayoral Transition Team held multiple public meetings, visited with people all over the community, reviewed more than 2,000 survey results, and participated in a two-day Strategic Visioning Retreat to help determine the direction of our consolidated government and community.